Elegant...yet simple!

I highly endorse Tom Blaine and T&W Builders. Tom is anything but a typical builder. he is accessible, patient, and genuinely takes pride in creating a home that surpasses your expectations. we've been in our home for two and a half years and love it. Tom has been by our side through the construction process - patiently answering multiple questions on a daily basis - as well as long after we moved in. One thing that really sets Tom apart is how he treats the finishes selection process. Tom does not try to profit from your selections. Unlike many friends who did not understand from their builder where their money was going or the true costs, Tom actually shared his contacts with us and allowed us to make selections with a full understanding of costs - the real costs and not inflated amounts. In terms of quality we are fully satisfied. In particular, the hardwood floors throughout the house as well as the intricate moldings and 10 foot ceilings set Tom apart from all the other builders we considered. If the time ever comes to consider another home, we would make every effort to work with Tom again. Not only is he honest, but he is a gifted builder who creates beautiful homes. 
-Danielle Herring

Tom Blaine formed T&W Construction in 2000 when he began building, renovating and making additions to historical homes in the Houston Heights. His attention to period detail, restoring the original quality and historic legacy of these old homes has been a passion for T&W.

T&W Builders, LLC was formed in 2007. The mission of T&W is to provide a high quality home at a reasonable price. Solid energy efficiency, high-quality materials, expert trades and expert supervision are the key components used to consistently achieve this goal. It is this combination that has cemented T&W as one of the best home builders in the Houston Heights. 

With more than 20 years of construction experience and a solid reputation for reliable customer service, T&W is guaranteed to be a strong choice for any home buyer. With integrity and honesty we stand behind our work, and have a deep wealth of experience to guide clients and resolve any potential issues that arise during construction.